Black Sea The Meeting Point of Nature's Beauty and Cultural Richness

Black Sea The Meeting Point of Nature's Beauty and Cultural Richness
The Black Sea is a region in the north of Turkey, known for its unique natural beauty. With its unique geographical features, rich cultural heritage and fresh seafood, the Black Sea is a destination that attracts millions of tourists every year.
Natural Beauties
The most distinctive feature of the Black Sea is its magnificent natural landscapes. Lush green mountains, waterfalls, deep valleys and untouched beaches constitute the natural richness of the region. Especially plateau tourism fascinates its visitors with its cool air and magnificent views in the summer months.
Cultural Riches
The Black Sea attracts attention not only with its natural beauties but also with its rich cultural heritage. The region is a place where people of different ethnic origins live together and this cultural diversity is richly reflected. Local dances, music, handicrafts and traditional flavours reveal the cultural richness of the Black Sea.
Seafood and Culinary Culture
The Black Sea is famous for its fresh and delicious seafood. In addition to fish such as anchovies, haddock and horse mackerel, the unique flavours of the Black Sea include local delicacies such as corn bread, pita bread and laz pastry. Tasting these local flavours is unforgettable for visitors to the region. 
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