What to Eat in Trabzon?

What to Eat in Trabzon?
Trabzon, the pearl of the Black Sea, is known not only for its natural beauties but also for its rich and delicious cuisine. Seafood, local delicacies and dishes prepared with fresh natural ingredients are offered in Trabzon in a variety that will appeal to every taste.
Anchovy Pearl of the Black Sea
One of the first flavours that comes to mind when it is mentioned in Trabzon is anchovy. Anchovy is the indispensable fish of the Black Sea and is cooked and served in various ways. Served with pan, steamed, grilled or crispy rice, anchovy is the crown jewel of Trabzon cuisine.
Kuymak Trabzon's Delicious Cheese Dish
One of the most favourite dishes of Trabzon is kuymak. This delicious dish made with corn flour and butter is enriched with cheese and served hot. Drizzled with butter, kuymak is among the indispensable flavours of Trabzon cuisine.
Corn Bread Trabzon's Original Flavour
Trabzon's famous corn bread is a traditional flavour. This type of bread prepared with corn flour and cheese is an important part of Trabzon's local cuisine. With its soft texture and unique taste, corn bread is one of the must-taste delicacies in Trabzon.
Laz Böreği The Sweet Escape of the City
Laz pastry, which has a special place among Trabzon's desserts, is prepared with thin dough and walnut filling. This delicious dessert, sweetened with sherbet, is frequently consumed both as a traditional holiday dessert and as a daily snack in Trabzon.

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